Liz Shook | Senior Integrated Producer

Liz Shook | Senior Integrated Producer

Dexter ARG

Case Study Video: Dexter ARG

Video and alternate reality gaming / experience production for Modernista!'s captivating ARG to engage Dexter fans leading up to the Season 5 premiere.

As a concept map, we had a narrative written to cover 8 weeks of murders, games and mysteries for players to follow. Along the way, we shot and edited video (sometimes 10 a week) at various locations, launched countless websites, phone numbers, mobile experiences, social media profiles and streamed experiences and puzzles for players to follow. Though our narrative map did exist at the beginning, it changed almost daily to reflect player interaction, the order of clues found and real-time experience additions to enrich the game.

  • For Showtime | Modernista!

  • Type Alternate Reality Game, Experience, Web Production, Social Media, Video Production.

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